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Seamen´s Center Malmö

In Malmö the Seamen´s Center is located in the municipal sports facility Kockum Fritid.

Seven seafarers standing in fornt of the Öresund bridge.
visiting seafarers are checking out the Malmö the surroundings.

The seafarer’s meeting-point in the southern Swedish port of Malmö is the municipal sports facility Kockum Fritid, in cooperation with the Swedish Seamen's Service. A broad variety of activities are offered.

Seafarers of all ships in port are offered transportation to the center and back again.
Kockum Fritid offers everyone, who wants to keep fit, activities of their own liking. There is a large gym for all kinds of indoor team sports, as well as a swimming pool. Outdoor there are several football pitches and jogging tracks.

If you don’t want to exercise you can play pool, take a stroll to the sea or communicate with friends and family through our computers and wi-fi. There is both a cafeteria and a restaurant at Kockum Fritid.

In 2013 we also opened a drop-in center in the cruise terminal, where the crew can use the free WiFi and some stationary computer terminals. The Seafarer's Drop-In Corner is a collaboration with CMP (Copenhagen Malmö Port).

Download the Welcome to Malmö-folder as a PDF in this link. 


Seamen´s Service Malmö
Västra Varvsgatan 8
Box 5013
217 45 Malmö
Mobil +46 (0)708 16 88 25

Field Representative: Mike Josefsson

Opening hours

Kockum Fritid:

Mon-Fri: 9.am-9pm
Sat: 9am-5pm
Sun: 9am-7pm

Seamen´s Servive opening hours:
Call +46 (0)708 16 88 25 for more inforamtion. 

Last updated 2021-03-19