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Norrköping - Johannisborg Seamen's Club

The seamen’s club in Norrköping is situated close to the port areas and yet at a walking distance from the city center.

Five seafarers playing football on the backside of Johannisbor´s Seamen`s Club.
The backside of Johannisborg offers a football field and a basket- and vollyball court among others things.

In these nice and comfortable surroundings, you are welcome to relax, read newspapers, arrange a barbeque or take part in some sports activities. At Johannisborg, we can offer basketball, volleyball, table tennis, football pitches and a pool table. During wintertime, we arrange indoor team sports at facilities nearby. All seafarers in port are offered transportation to and from the club. When possible, we can also make visits to the port of Oxelösund. Please contact Norrköping for arrangements.

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Download the Welcome to Norrköping -folder as a PDF in this link. 


Johannisborg Seamen's Club
Norra Promenaden 80
Box 261
601 04 Norrköping
Tel +46 (0)709 16 88 00

Opening hours

Mon-Thu: 6pm-10pm
Fri: 9am-3pm 
Sat: closed
Sun: 2pm-6pm

Last updated 2023-09-25