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Bridges and Locks

Trollhätte canal is 82 km long. Of this, 10 km is a dug and blasted channel, the rest is a natural fairway in the Göta River. On the route you pass 12 bridges, 3 of which are fixed


The difference in level of a total of 44 meters is managed by six locks, one at Lilla Edet where the difference is 6 meters, four locks at Trollhättan with a total difference in level of about 32 meters and one at Brinkebergskulle of about 6 meters.

The locks are of modern construction with electrical/mechanical operation of hatches and gates. Double bottoms mean that the water is distributed evenly over the entire lock. It provides quiet water movements during both filling and emptying.

A sluice requires 8000-12000 m3 of water. The water depth in the fairway is at least 6.3 metres. In the locks, the depth of the threshold is 5.7 meters at the lowest water level. There are a large number of fairway markings in the canal and river.

Facts power lines
The distance from the water surface to the lowest point of the lines is 27 meters.


Göta Älv / Trollhätte Kanal Sail free height
Älvsborgsbron 45,0 meter
Hisingsbron 12,0 meter
Marieholmsbron 5,6 meter
Angeredsbron 47,0 meter
Jordfallsbron 11,0 meter 
Lilla Edetbron 10,0 meter
Klaffbron, Trollhättan 3,5 meter
Railway bridge, Trollhättan 2,8 meter (27 meters in raised position)
Stallbackabron 28,0 meter
Gropbron, Vänersborg 4,0 meter
Railway bridge, Vänersborg 2,0 meter
Dalbobron 15,5 - 17,0 meter
Nordre Älv  
Kungälv, Bohusbron / Nordre älvs landsvägsbro 5,2 meter
Kungälv, motorvägsbron (not openable) 12,5 meter
Ytterby järnvägsbron (not openable) 12,5 meter


sluice stairs

Maximum permitted size of vessels in the locks


Maximum length 87,00 meter
Max width 12,70 meter
Maximum depth 4,70 meter

With special permission from the Swedish Maritime Administration, larger ships can be allowed up to

Maximum length 89,00 meter
Max width 13,40 meter
Maximum depth 5,40 meter

Last updated 2023-10-19