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MSW Reportal

Navigational Shore Assistance SEGOT

An ongoing research project. The Swedish concept of Navigational Shore Assistance (NSA) assigns the bridge team to conn the vessel. Based on a shared passage plan the NSA pilot will observe and advise, but execution is made by the bridge team. NSA pilot observations are restricted to AIS and shorebased radar.

Preparation and Passage planning

> NSA Course Modules (Draft: 2023-08-15)

> NSA Passage Plan SEGOT (Draft: 2023-10-08)

> Pilot routes to be downloaded and prepared to be used in vessel ECDIS:

Inbound (RTZ-format) From Via To View in browser (HTML)
01 South North Channel Frihamnen 01 HTML
02 South South Channel Frihamnen 02 HTML
03 West N. Trubaduren
North Channel
Frihamnen 03 HTML
04 West N. Trubaduren
South Channel
Frihamnen 04 HTML
Outbound (RTZ-format) From Via To View in browser (HTML)
31 Frihamnen North Channel South 31 HTML
32 Frihamnen South Channel South 32 HTML
33 Frihamnen North Channel
N. Trubaduren
West 33 HTML
34 Frihamnen South Channel
N. Trubaduren
West 34 HTML


> NSA Test Evaluation (Draft: 2023-10-05)

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